Tranvia Integrated Communications

Corporate image, marketing, and publicity agency


Tranvia Integrated Communications is an agency from Peru that provides graphic design, publicity, marketing, and corporate image services for both the public and private sector. Whether our clients are institutions or individuals, we pride ourselves in excellent work and trustworthy relationships.

Based in Lima, we are a team of experts that specialize in communication methods that are fundamental to the success of your business or institution. We employ successful and consistent strategies like improved image management, marketing and publicity, brand development, and multi-platform positioning.

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision Tranvia’s vision is blended with the needs of the social environment in order to achieve an immediate answer and sustainable results from the target audience.

Mission: Tranvia achieves successful results for our clients through individualized partnerships, and in this way we develop and position both public and commercial image within society.

Values: The Tranvía machine is composed of professional excellence, commitment, teamwork, and honesty.

Our team

The Tranvia drivers are a group of young communication professionals trained in all stages of corporate image, marketing, and advertising. With a broad range of experience in the public and private sectors, our wide network of contacts and collaborators create an important impact-generating media presence.

Our services

Tranvía creates marketing and advertising materials in diverse formats and media; seeks to diversify communication intentions; outlines new tools; rethinks existing resources; and most importantly, validates each transmitted message, achieving the clearest brand recognition.

  • Brand identity development
  • Brand positioning and maintenance
  • Lovemarks
  • Strategic creativity development
  • Marketing plans
  • Media plan
  • Political marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging
  • Merchandising
  • Book, magazine, annual report and yearbook graphic design
  • Correction of texts
  • Language translation
  • Script generation
  • Audiovisual and photographic communication
  • Web design services
  • Community Management

Tranvía promotes action items for achieving corporate objectives and optimal approval levels from public opinion and the target market. In order to succeed, these action lines must be administered from the institution centers, must have concrete goals in advance, and must be self-sustaining over time.

  • External and internal communication management
  • Management of media campaigns
  • Public relations
  • Event organization
  • Media training and spokesperson workshops
  • Crisis management
  • Communication and corporate responsibility
  • Coaching to better the institutional labor climate
  • Institutional journalism
  • Political and electoral communication
  • Graphic communication or signage
  • Corporate representation and positioning
  • Image management on the internet

Contact us

Address: Calle 2 de Mayo 534.
Suite 508, tower A
Miraflores. Lima-Peru.
Phone: (51 1) 495 8041
Cell phone and WhatsApp:
+51 990 282 450